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Rob Seymour – CEO, Pure Protect

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The Challenge

Between 2012 and the last quarter of 2017, PureProtect managed their Google Ads account in house. 

Time was short and they were busy and not able to provide the time to get the maximum value from running Google Ads.

In addition, they had been running a campaign for 5 years inhouse and had accumulated almost 18,000 keywords. This long list had been built from keywords Google had suggested but did not match the needs of the business. Further many of these keywords were broad match targeting resulting in wasted budget and many unrelated clicks to the website and calls that did not lead to new business.

The account was continuing to spend lots of money and generate phone calls, but the phone calls were not the type of customer that they were after. This meant a lot of time was wasted on calls that did not lead to a new customer.

The outcome was not about generating more traffic but rather focusing on finding the traffic that would convert. The main challenge was to take over the account and generate leads that would become paid jobs and reduce unwanted calls and budget waste.  

The Approach

Once we understood the business model, we spent time to review the Google Ads account together with the website. 

First, we undertook some keyword research to better understand the keywords that were going to drive the correct type of customer that PureProtect were looking for. 

The goal is to match the intent of the customer with that of the business.  You only want to target the customer who is looking for the service that you provide and eliminate unwanted traffic that costs you money.

We narrowed this list from 18,000 to 23 core keywords which would deliver the type of lead the business was after.

We built a range of ads to test that would help to generate clicks from the target customer and we implemented conversion tracking to ensure that we can track the success of the lead as well as provide the Google Algorithm with the data needed to efficiently bid on the targeted keywords.

In addition we reviewed the landing pages and made some text changes to improve Google Ads quality scores and ensure there were clear calls to action. 

We made changes to titles, meta descriptions and page content and calls to action to better target and message the customers the business was after.

Match Customer And Business Intent
Increase in
0 %
Reduction in
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Impression Share
Increased to
22 %

The outcome

The majority of calls now lead to a paid quote.

The business has seen a 250% increase in revenue.

Further we reduced the spend on Google Ads by 28% and increased the search impression share from 22% to 75% focused on the keywords that would generate a call that would turn into a customer.

Clicks to the website increased about 6% but now the right type of click was coming through to the website.

In subsequent months we introduced remarketing and continued to build the brand through awareness campaigns.

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Case Study Pureprotect

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