Google AdWords has turned Evil

Google Adwords Has Turned Evil

Google AdWords announced today (see a copy of email below) that from 29 April, they will provide Ad suggestions which are based on your existing ads and that from this date for 14 days you can decide to manually dismiss or apply these ads to your relevant adgroups.  However, if after 14 days, if you […]

Online Marketing New Year Resolution – page optimisation – Part 2

Online Marketing New Year Resolution - Page Optimisation - Part 2

Following on from Website optimisation, the next step is to consider each of the pages on your website – page optimisation.   If you have a large website you may prefer to select those pages that are not performing well in order to improve traffic to those pages.   However you decide to tackle the […]

Online Marketing New Year Resolution – Part 1 website optimisation

Online Marketing New Year Resolution - Part 1 Website Optimisation

A new year is a great time to tackle your online marketing and generate new leads, viewers, readers or customers.   But where do you start?  In part 1 website optimisation. At Omologist we are strong believers that you need to fix the horse before the cart so we have developed a process for considering your […]