Generating unique content for a blog for many small businesses can be an extreme drag and is avoided until it really, really needs to be done.

There are many times we review a customer’s website and it has been a year or two since they wrote their last blog article.  

They are getting some good traffic from these old blog articles but there is nothing new to keep readers coming back to their website, or keep generating new links in Google to their website.

The benefits of unique content that people want to read are well documented with hundreds of articles telling you their success stories and the benefits they receive.  

Not to mention Google encourages websites to build engaging and unique content.

However, what no one really addresses is how to actually generate content that is not only unique but is something that you’re passionate about, that relates directly to your business and that customers might be generally interested in.  

Today, we want to introduce you to a new way to produce unique content on a regular basis that does not involve writing.  

Yes, you read that correctly.

Today we want to introduce you to the video blog article.  What this means is that you take a video of you doing something you do every day in your business.  

Then you get this video transcribed so that you have what you said as text.

There is a little bit more to it which we explain below but here is an example of a video and article we recently did for a customer.

Mark Brown Installing a power point

Mark is an electrician based in Sydney and found writing blog articles hard work, especially after a long physical day.  

On the other hand, Mark doing an installation of a power point is something he does every day.  

More importantly, by having a video of him installing a power point this not only allows the customer to get to know Mark a little but more importantly actually see how he works.  

In addition, if you visit the article above you will see that what Mark says on the video has been transcribed into text which makes it easier for Google and Bing and other search engines to read and index.

By creating a video we also generate a new medium for Mark to get indexed from and find new traffic sources.  

We have created a Mark Brown Electrical channel on Youtube and we then promote his blog first by creating a rich snippet in the blog (see the section at the bottom of the article) and then by promoting the blog articles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus.

Now its very early days so there is no fantastic story to tell you at the moment in terms of lots of viewers to Marks website, however, we will keep you posted on this front.

More importantly, this is a tool that many small businesses can do if they don’t like, don’t have time, or have no desire to sit down and write a blog.

So here is how you can do this.

Once you have done your first video you can begin to play with this process to work out what is best for you, your business and the content your producing.  

Most importantly you need to commit to doing a video on a regular basis, be it weekly or fortnightly or monthly.

If you do follow these steps add your blog links to the comments below so that others can see examples of videos and blog articles created.