Google Analytics Tracking ID

How to find my Google Analytics Tracking ID

Your Tracking ID from Google Analytics is used as a unique identifier to track your traffic. 

For some sites like Squarespace or Google Tag Manager you just need your tracking ID and not all the Google Analytics code. 

The steps below show you how to find that tracking ID.

  1. Log into Google Analytics
  2. Now click Admin at the bottom of the left side of the page navigation (see below).
Googleanalytics Admin

Google Analytics Click Tracking Code

Google Analytics Click Tracking Code

Get Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

3. Now click “tracking Info” and that will open up additional selections.  

4. Now click “Tracking Code”  

5. You should copy or write down your GA tracking ID (NOT the one in the image below as that number is used by Google and won’t give you data). 

You will have a unique number of you have followed the instructions above.

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