Setting up Google Analytics for Squarespace is straightforward, just lots of clicking!

Quick version: Once logged in and at your website, click “Settings” > then “Advanced” > then “External Services”.

Now open a new tab in your browser and log into Google Analytics and click “Admin” > then click “tracking info” > then click tracking code.

Copy down or copy (Control +C) the Tracking ID starting with “UA”. Now go back to Squarespace Tab and in the top box paste or type in the UA (tracking ID) code.

Don’t forget to click save at the top of the page. Detailed Version with Images

    1. Log into your Squarespace account.
    2. Go to your website in Squarespace.
    3. You should see a menu on the left side of your screen like below.  If you click “Settings”

Squarespace Settings For A Website

4. Next click on “Advanced”

Squarespace Click Advanced

5. Next click “External Services”

Squarespace External Services

6. You should see the position for your Google Analytics number. Now we need to get this number from Google Analytics.

Squarespace Google Analytics

7. Open a new tab in your browser and Log into Google Analytics

8. Now click Admin at the bottom of the left side of the page navigation (see below).

Googleanalytics Admin

9. Now click “tracking Info” and that will open up additional selections.

Google Analytics Click Tracking Code

10. Now click “Tracking Code”

Google Analytics Click Tracking Code

11. You should copy or write down your GA tracking ID (NOT the one in the image below as that number is used by Google and won’t give you data).  You will have a unique number of you have followed the instructions above.

Get Your Google Analytics Tracking Code

12. Now go back to the tab in your browser where Squarespace was left open.

13. Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID into the box in Squarespace.

Squarespace Google Analytics

14. Don’t forget to click SAVE at the TOP LEFT of the screen.

Save On Squarespace

15. To test that it’s working, go to your website and open a page or refresh a page.

16. Next, go to the tab you had Google Analytics open in and click the little house on the navigation on the left as per below.  If the code is working correctly you should see the blue graph show live data as you go through different pages on your website.

Google Analytics Check Its Wo