Bing Webmaster Tools

Understanding Search Queries on Bing

Getting setup on Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools includes a variety of SEO and marketing features that benefit website owners.

And although you might not spend as much time or money on Bing, it’s a tool you’ll want to associate yourself with, especially the Page Traffic reports.

Still, need to link Bing and your website?

Here’s a quick guide from Microsoft.

Fortunately, there’s no need to integrate Bing analytics with its webmaster tools.

The platform is fully integrated, and it provides in-depth information about how your pages are performing.

You’ll see how often they showed up in search, how many people clicked, and much more.

Reading the Results

You’ll find your analytics data in Bing’s Page Traffic statistics.

Here you’ll find all of that SEO data that you can use to refine your website, make it more user-friendly, and build better content.

In particular, there are some key metrics to know:

  • Page: This is the URL for pages on your website. When you click each URL, you get more granular data for each individual page, called Traffic Details.
  • Clicks from Search: This is the CTR for each individual page from Bing’s search results page. The Click Through Rate is the percentage of times your link was clicked when it appeared in search.
  • Appeared in Search: This metric is like Google’s “Impressions.” This is the number of times your link showed up in Bing search.
  • Average Search Click Position: Where your website ranked on Bing when it was clicked.
  • Average Appearance Position: This is the position on Bing your page appears most frequently.

Traffic Details. You can find specific keywords for each URL by clicking the “Search Keywords” view link.

Here you can view data about a particular page, i.e. which keywords were used to landing on the page, position with clickstream data as well.

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