We just do Google Ads PPC management

Lots of agencies will give you a shopping list of the areas they “specialise in”.  We just do one thing Google Ads PPC management, and so we are really really good at it.

The Best Ppc Management

What Makes Our PPC Management Different?

In order to market a business, you need to understand a business, so we spend time getting to know your business.  Without doing so you miss the nuances of each business, the key value propositions and opportunities to promote the business.

The Best Ppc Management

Working Together

To be successful in PPC we work with our clients to understand their business and adapt and make changes when necessary. PPC advertising is not set and forget and is a constant process of tweaking and adjusting. Google never stays constant and neither does your business.

The Best Ppc Management

Dedicated Team

Our team specialise in just Google Ads so we know the platform really well. Our team retain their Google credentials each year to ensure they are always up to date with new innovations and practices from Google.

The Best Ppc Management

Creative Team

Coming up with new ideas and methods to promote your business on Google Ads means our team needs to be creative to cut through and generate a click to your ad vs your competitor. Our in depth knowledge of Google Ads together with our creative attitude means we are always tweaking to create more clicks.

Ongoing PPC Improvements

PPC success relies on a great landing page

Your landing page along with your ad, are key factors in your PPC success.  As part of our PPC management process we will make suggestions on improving your website and landing pages.  

If you were selling a home and did not make the home clean and desirable for the potential buyers then it is very hard to sell your home.

Landing pages are like rooms of a house and need to be presentable for sale.


What our client says

Transparency and our PPC Management process

At Omologist we provide full transparency to what we do as we are extremely confident in the services we provide and the process. You have full access to your Google Ads account and see what we work we do each month.   We provide monthly updates and reports, and there are no locked in contracts.  We work with you month to month to drive as many leads or sales or traffic as possible.

The Best Ppc Management


Reporting is key to success as it not only provides you with a summary of the activities that took place, but also it allows reflection on what is working and what needs to change. Your competitors and the data change from month to month so reporting is a key component of stopping, reviewing and then moving forward again.

The Best Ppc Management

No lock in Contracts

We work with you month to month to get the most from your Google Ads account.  We are confident in the service we provide you are free to leave at anytime.

The Best Ppc Management

Goal Focused

Each month we work to improve the success of your Google Ads account and drive more leads, sales or calls.  We never rest.


Frequently Asked Questions

No.  We work with you month to month and your free to stop at anytime.

Yes.  You have full access to your Google Ads account and you own everything in the account as well as any work we done on your landing pages.

Yes you can access your Google Ads account at anytime.

No.  We have a tiered monthly rate depending on the size of your budget and therefore the amount of work involved in working on your account each month.  

We can start almost straight away.  Click the link for a free proposal, complete the information and we can get started. - Free Proposal

Omologist — Omology means the study of digital marketing and an Omologist is a digital marketing professional



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