If you have duplicate content on your website you should try and reduce it.

But many website owners still don’t realize why they should avoid duplicate content, or even, what it is exactly.

What is duplicate content?

According to Google, duplicate content is defined as any content which “either completely match[es] other content or [is] appreciably similar.

By never posting any content which is blatantly copied, spun, or superficially modified from an outside source you would prevent duplicate content from appearing on your site.

However, most duplicate content is not generated by unethical practices.

Many instances of duplicate content come from within a website itself.

Boilerplate content, such as the product descriptions on e-commerce and affiliate sites, blogrolls, CTAs, RSS feeds, customer testimonies, online forums and directory sites can all generate a substantial amount of duplicate content.

So the goal should be to avoid, as Google describes it, that your content does not completely or appreciably match content on other pages of your website.

Ways to reduce duplicate content from your site.