Bounce rate on product display pages

Bounce Rate On Product Display Pages

Following on our theme of looking at the @monetate report and product display pages, it’s interesting to look at the bounce rate. We feel your frustration.

Conversion rate by landing page type

Conversion Rate By Landing Page Type

Thanks to @monetate for today’s data. If you’re an e-commerce business we recognise your frustration with #conversionoptimization and today we focus on the difference between product display pages #pdp and all other landing pages and recognise the differences.#ecommerce have to work so much harder!

What are Company’s Top Marketing Challenges

What Are Company'S Top Marketing Challenges

In the @HubSpot State of Inbound Report for 2018, it’s interesting to consider the challenges which are first to continue to generate leads. However, for us, it was interesting that proving the ROI for marketing activities was number 2 on the list as this is something we are passionate about. Plug for our platform as we […]

Weekly Holiday Conversion Rates

Weekly Holiday Conversion Rates

Lots of great insights in the @getsidecar 2018 @google shopping benchmarks report. For those companies that generate most of your sales in the lead up to Christmas, it’s an important period. However, while not a cliff, it is interesting the decline/normalisation of conversion rates after December 11. It would be nice to see transport companies working more closely […]

Revenue share by device

Revenue Share By Device

In the @getsidecar 2018 Google shopping benchmarks report, a graph that while not unexpected did catch our alert radar for interesting! Look at mobile go!

How good are facebook ads?

How Good Are Facebook Ads?

Interesting stats here from @smexaminer, in particular, the number of marketers that feel @facebook ads are not effective! What are your thoughts?

Average Cost Per Click

Average Cost Per Click

Because of the detail in today’s data, we thought we would use excel rather than hand drawn as my drawings can be a little messy. Anyway, today we look at the average cost per click based on data from @wordstreaminc for @google Search, Google display and @facebook . While the categories don’t all match up it’s interesting to see […]

Adwords – $2 in revenue for every $1 you spend

Adwords - $2 In Revenue For Every $1 You Spend

Google in their 2016 economic impact report said on page 9 that businesses make about $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords. We are interested in your thoughts on this statement. Please leave comments below.

Bounce rates for Mobile Devices

Bounce Rates For Mobile Devices

In our previous post, we flagged the importance of page speed. Here are some stats from Google that might scare you if you have a very slow website and you rely heavily on mobile traffic. You need to have your website load in less than two seconds even on mobile otherwise all the work you […]

Which Countries have the Fastest Internet 2017

Which Countries Have The Fastest Internet 2017

There is a lot of discussions and also a number of tools to help make your website pages load faster. But part of that equation is first having a great and fast internet connection. Unfortunately, with a world average of just 7.2Mbps, there is a long way to go when compared with these ten countries. […]

How many clicks do you get in Google search for each position

Click Thru Rates For Serps

A common question we get is based on the position in search results, how many clicks should I get. Our answer is that the nearer the top the more you get. However, these two studies provide some more granular results around this. Sources:  2013 study – 2017 study –