Weekly Holiday Conversion Rates

Lots of great insights in the @getsidecar 2018 @google shopping benchmarks report. For those companies that generate most of your sales in the lead up to Christmas, it’s an important period. However, while not a cliff, it is interesting the decline/normalisation of conversion rates after December 11. It would be nice to see transport companies working more closely…

Average Cost Per Click

Because of the detail in today’s data, we thought we would use excel rather than hand drawn as my drawings can be a little messy. Anyway, today we look at the average cost per click based on data from @wordstreaminc for @google Search, Google display and @facebook . While the categories don’t all match up it’s interesting to see…

click thru rates for serps

How many clicks do you get in Google search for each position

A common question we get is based on the position in search results, how many clicks should I get. Our answer is that the nearer the top the more you get. However, these two studies provide some more granular results around this. Sources:  2013 study – https://searchenginewatch.com/sew/study/2276184/no-1-position-in-google-gets-33-of-search-traffic-study 2017 study – https://ignitevisibility.com/ctr-google-2017/