How to use Display Ads and Gmail Ads

How To Use Google Display And Google Gmail Ads

Search ads aren’t the only way to generate new business from Google, two other types of supplemental campaign types to run are Google Display and Gmail campaigns. With the Google Display Network (“Display Ads” or “Display”), you have the power to show image and video type ads on millions of websites from YouTube to Yahoo […]

How to setup Google Tag Manager to track conversions with Google Ads

Step 3: Start Tracking Conversion In Your Google Ads Campaigns.

Google Tag Manager (also known by its acronym GTM) is a free tag management system created by Google that manages JavaScript and HTML Tags. GTM first appeared in October 2012 and continues to evolve to meet the needs of marketers. GTM allows marketers to create and monitor tags on a user-friendly interface, without the need […]

How to advertise luxury services on Google Ads

How To Advertise Luxury Services On Google Ads

Google Ads has come a long way since its inception. While there are several other big-name competitors on the market present, Google Ads still holds a dominant market share of 70% of total ad revenue for 2019. Just a few years ago expertise (and experience) required to successfully run a Google Ads campaign wasn’t nearly […]

How to use Google Ads Keyword Planner

How To Use Google Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a fantastic tool for doing keyword research. Below we will provide you with an overview of the data and how you can use it for insights into your PPC and SEO keyword research. Table of Contents Getting started: Signing up and getting familiar with Keyword Planner If you don’t […]

How to write Google Ads Copy

How To Write Google Ads Copy

We take you through all the steps to building and how to write Google Ads copy, and the structure to start testing better copy. We make it easy and break it down into the steps as you move through the headlines and descriptions of your text ads and provide some tips along the way. So […]

A guide to Google Search Features

A Guide To Google Search Features

Data from the second quarter of 2019 showed that less than half of all Google searches result in a click on an organic search result. In fact, only 40.42% of searches resulted in this action, while almost 50% of searches result in no clicks at all. Part of the reason for this is Google Search […]

A Guide to Google Ads Bidding Strategies

A Guide To Google Ads Bidding Strategies

When I first started using Google Ads in 2000 (AdWords), Google limited you to one strategy, which was cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Bidding strategies have come a long way since then. I think Google brought in CPC in 2001, and I got a call from Google that day (yes, they used to make proactive […]

How to setup and manage a negative keyword list on Google Ads

Managing Negative Keywords On Google Ads

Setting up and managing a negative keyword list for your Google Ads Campaigns is crucial for success. A failure to regularly review and add search terms to your negative keyword list will cost you money. We all want to maximise the budget we spend on Google Ads on getting leads and sales rather than clicks […]

The ultimate guide to no-follow links

The Ultimate Guide To No-Follow Links

There is a lot going on in SEO at the moment. That’s because SEO is about more than one thing. It’s a puzzle with hundreds of different pieces you need to fit together. If you want traffic — and customers — from search engines, you need to work out what all those pieces are, and […]

Articles that impacted SEO

Articles That Impacted Seo

There are likely millions of articles written on SEO but there are only a few that have a significant impact or create a breakthrough. Below are a list of articles put together by the SEO community and voted on so that only the most important articles are rated. To participate you can vote on any […]

Guide to Bing Webmaster Data Analysis

Guide To Analysing Bing Webmaster Data

We recently published an article discussing in detail how to analyse your Google Search Console data. Bing Webmaster does provide some similar data so that you can do some analysis of your SERP results on Bing . Below we take you through the basics as Bing Webmaster data is limited vs Google Search Console. Page […]