click thru rates for serps

How many clicks do you get in Google search for each position

A common question we get is based on the position in search results, how many clicks should I get. Our answer is that the nearer the top the more you get. However, these two studies provide some more granular results around this. Sources:  2013 study – 2017 study –

Google analytics

How many websites use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the largest Analytics program being used on the internet with, according to, 30m Live websites currently using Google analytics. But more surprising is that only half of all websites are using the Universal Tags and the other half are still using the older classic. Source:


Google AdWords has turned Evil

Google AdWords announced today (see a copy of email below) that from 29 April, they will provide Ad suggestions which are based on your existing ads and that from this date for 14 days you can decide to manually dismiss or apply these ads to your relevant adgroups.  However, if after 14 days, if you…


Duplicate Content

If you have duplicate content on your website you should try and reduce it. But many website owners still don’t realize why they should avoid duplicate content, or even, what it is exactly. What is duplicate content? According to Google, duplicate content is defined as any content which “either completely match[es] other content or [is] appreciably similar.” By…


Canonical URLs

The Difference Between 301 and Canonical URLs While the capabilities of a canonical link are similar to a 301 redirect, they are not the same in terms of metrics. While both tell search engines to treat duplicate pages (or URLs) as if they were a single page, 301s redirect all traffic to a specific URL.…