A guide to Google Search Features

A Guide To Google Search Features

Data from the second quarter of 2019 showed that less than half of all Google searches result in a click on an organic search result. In fact, only 40.42% of searches resulted in this action, while almost 50% of searches result in no clicks at all. Part of the reason for this is Google Search […]

Articles that impacted SEO

Articles That Impacted Seo

There are likely millions of articles written on SEO but there are only a few that have a significant impact or create a breakthrough. Below are a list of articles put together by the SEO community and voted on so that only the most important articles are rated. To participate you can vote on any […]

How to Set-up Bing Webmaster Tools

How To Set-Up Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools are a fantastic range of insights to help with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and better understand how your website and how your customers find your website on Bing.com. To get started with Bing Webmaster Tools is free and easy. Step 1: The first thing to do is visit the Bing Webmaster […]

Sixteen ways to use SEO to optimise your landing page for a keyword

Sixteen Ways To Use Seo To Optimise Your Landing Page For A Keyword

Improving your landing page for organic listings. Optimising a landing page for a keyword does not need to be complicated, yet a large number of websites we see fail to do these basics.   Numerous times we find these simple basics are missing.  So here are ten things you can check /do to optimise the landing […]

Online Marketing New Year Resolution – page optimisation – Part 2

Online Marketing New Year Resolution - Page Optimisation - Part 2

Following on from Website optimisation, the next step is to consider each of the pages on your website – page optimisation.   If you have a large website you may prefer to select those pages that are not performing well in order to improve traffic to those pages.   However you decide to tackle the […]

Online Marketing New Year Resolution – Part 1 website optimisation

Online Marketing New Year Resolution - Part 1 Website Optimisation

A new year is a great time to tackle your online marketing and generate new leads, viewers, readers or customers.   But where do you start?  In part 1 website optimisation. At Omologist we are strong believers that you need to fix the horse before the cart so we have developed a process for considering your […]

Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content

If you have duplicate content on your website you should try and reduce it. But many website owners still don’t realize why they should avoid duplicate content, or even, what it is exactly. What is duplicate content? According to Google, duplicate content is defined as any content which “either completely match[es] other content or [is] appreciably similar.” By […]

Canonical URLs

Canonical Urls

The Difference Between 301 and Canonical URLs While the capabilities of a canonical link are similar to a 301 redirect, they are not the same in terms of metrics. While both tell search engines to treat duplicate pages (or URLs) as if they were a single page, 301s redirect all traffic to a specific URL. […]

What is a sitemap and why do I need it?

What Is A Sitemap And Why Do I Need It?

A sitemap is a simple concept, but it is vitally important to your website your business. In its most simplistic form, a sitemap is a list of all of the pages found on your website. Having a sitemap helps search engines to find all the pages on your website and index them in their search […]

Best Practice : Title tags and Meta Descriptions

Best Practice : Title Tags And Meta Descriptions

Meta Description Title Tags How often have you come across a website that has the words “just another WordPress Blog” written across the browser tab? How many times have you conducted a Google search only to discover that far too many websites didn’t have a good page description, which led to wasted time spent on […]